The benefits of Colour in Art

  • GOLD – releases negativity and supports intense healing. Golden Yellow creates warmth. Golden Brown calms emotions, balances the mind and also harmonizes thoughts and is good for grounding.
  • PALE YELLOW – improves communication, aids digestion and enhances attention span. It calms and stills the mind, reduces nervousness and is good for concentration.
  • WHITE – raises awareness and is good for healing.
  • ORANGE – is comforting, warming and good for making new friends. Sharp, pointy forms and the colour RED placed in the South of your home/ room will give you energy.
  • GREEN – Fresh Green is energizing, uplifting, healing and good for breathing. If arranged in square, rectangular shapes and placed in the South-East of your house it will bring prosperity and wealth.
  • BLUE – dark blue paintings with curvy, free-flowing, rounded, sinuous forms placed in the North of your space can unblock cash-flow and furthers ones career – placed in the North-West of your home/ room it will bring clarity and wisdom. Sky Blue reduces nervousness, is calming, comforting, and soothing.  Ice Blue removes physical pain and anxiety.
  • PURPLE & VIOLET – are good for mental functions, uplifting, increase self-worth, can heal mental illness and cleanses arteries.
  • PINK – is good for depression and upsetting news, stands for unconditional love.  Pink in round, oval shapes and curvy forms, placed in the South-West of your home/ room helps love and relationships.