Pyramids are amazing structures. They fall into categories such as Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, Health and Well-Being, Metaphysics, Physical and Etheric Environment, Consciousness and Spirituality. The pyramid shape acts like a lens and focuses the Earth’s magnetism, creating and amplifying a strong energetic force. This energy is known to generate negative ions, which can help to reproduce and repair living cells.




Try placing  …


pointy / triangular objects

predominantly red and bright orange colours

electric lights / candles

Southern area

of your home, or office. This should bring…

  • a sense of well being and upliftment
  • feelings of positivity, freshness and liveliness
  • improved concentration and academic performances and better sleep
  • improved running of your business




Pyramids also neutralize geopathic stress in the house and make seeds and plants grow healthier!


The sculptures I make are variations of Orgonite meaning they do contain powerful crystals, different metals and resin, but also many other natural and decorative elements. They make great gifts for a loved one for any occasion.  All available pyramid sculptures can be purchased via:



.Above: tiny pyramids (5 x 5cm) available at Gallery Jessica Dove, Ilfracombe.


Hanging Crystal Ball and Coppery Pyramidil_570xN_1087338901_ntzk