A new range of powerful Orgone Energy Stones is now also available!

Filled on the inside with powerful Quartz, Metals and other crystals, they are decorated on the outside with pretty flowers and sparkly elements. According to scientist and researcher Mike Emery @ Orgone Does Wonders: “The best, most effective shapes for crystals combined with metals (Orgonites) are spheres, rounded, domes, cones, or organic stone shapes, because these forms radiate energy out in all directions and it is easy to feel the power coming off it.” Furthermore, the ancient tradition of Feng Shui suggest the following to improve a potential lack of harmony and romance in your life.

Relationships and Love

(Southwest) PINK, but also RED/ ORANGE/ PURPLE/ YELLOW
ROUND, OVAL & HEART ♥ shapes

how orgonite works

Filled with a dense METAL/ QUARTZ core, they come in colour tones that calm emotions and are good for grounding.



To unblock cash flow

(North) BLACK/BLUE and WHITE SINUOUS, CURVY, irregular, free-flow, ROUNDED Water

BLUE – Sky Blue reduces nervousness, is calming, comforting, and soothing. Ice Blue removes physical pain and anxiety. BLUE artwork with CURVY, FREE-FLOWING, ROUNDED, SINUOUS forms placed in the North of your space can UNBLOCK CASH-FLOW and furthers ones career – placed in the North-West of your home/ room it will bring clarity and wisdom.


Light blue is the colour of the throat chakra and for many on the spectrum communicating with others is a huge struggle. Light blue stones may help to calm anxiety around communication difficulties, or even assist with communication capabilities.

DSC09340PURPLE and VIOLET – are good uplifting colours for mental functions. They are also said to increase self-worth.


Customer Feedback:

Two powerful Orgone stones arrived in my home today. We have a rather animated, restless child that is often difficult to deal with. I’ve placed the two pieces on the dinner table and left them there. Surprisingly, their presence seem to have an instant effect on my child and we never before experienced such a very calm and relaxed situation that evening!” 

“…When I experience pain in my leg, I hold my Orgonite against the affected area appears to really help reduce the discomfort.”


”…I put my Orgonite Orb in the front room and straight away I noticed the difference – in my husband! He has been acting very differently since! Well worth the investment, plus it’s truly beautiful to look at.”

I sell these Orgone Stones via: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/SolidAirSculpture