Crystal Globes and Pyramids in Enchanting Garden Design

Crystals come from the earth – they are downright wonderful and never look out of place within a garden. Combining gemstones and gardening has been a long tradition and can be very rewarding. Each type of crystal is said to have a different type of power. So if you thought your garden was beautiful before, wait until you see what it looks like once the crystals have been added!

One option is the use of Glowing Garden Globes, or luminous sculptures in organic shapes and forms – colourful works of art that add extra interest to your garden. These stunning decorations have had a long history that dates back to the 13th century, but have now been re-invented with a twist at Solid Air Sculpture art studio in Whitstable, England, who has made them truly fabulous by adding a collection of amazing crystals and lights to the artwork!

Garden globes are believed to bring prosperity, health, good fortune, and protection from evil spirits. According to historical information, placing a garden globe at the home’s entrance would prevent them from entering. After the King of Bavaria decorated the Herren-Chiemsee Palace with garden globes or gazing balls, they quickly became a common sight in European gardens. Reflective garden globes also have a practical use. When properly placed they display your entire garden on its surface and this allows the home owner to see who is visiting before opening the door.

Stunning garden globes are certainly unique in their capacity to enhance your garden’s  decorative appearance and these versatile balls work very well alone, or when grouped together. They can be placed on tree stumps, on customized stands, or simply sit directly on the ground. Furthermore, there are certain suggestions given by the teachings of Feng Shui. Apparently if you place curvy sensual art, i.e. ROUND, OVAL and HEART SHAPED objects (ideally in pairs!) filled with Rose Quartz, Carnelians, Pink Tourmaline, or Pink Sapphires in the South-West area of your space, this will help in matters regarding love, partners and romantic relationships.


Feng Shui also claims that it could be beneficial to have sinuous, curvy, irregular, free flowing objects in dark blue colour tones, filled with a selection of crystals such as Citrine, Jade, Peridots and Emerald in the North of your living area, when you want to unblock your cash flow and boost your career… and who doesn’t need that? With their seemingly endless uses, garden (or indoor) globes add a whimsical elegance to your landscape or home décor. It also goes without saying that the internal lighting not only highlights interesting features in the stones and floral elements, but also provides your home and surrounding landscape with additional beauty.

Traditionally, in interior decoration, soft warm colours based on pale yellow and orange are said to be calming, improve communication, enhance attention span and aid digestion. Golden Brown is good for grounding, balances the mind and also harmonizes thoughts. These colours stimulate conversation and add to a harmonious family atmosphere.


Using crystals and other precious stones for their healing energies is not just a contemporary New Age fad. Native American shamans and other healers from all around the world have relied on the powers of gemstones for thousands of years. Furthermore, a sphere is a very powerful form crystals can be arranged into, because this shape emits the same positive frequency in all directions. In my opinion…


organic rounded, domed, spherical, wavy, curvy, or circular sculptures, ideally with a spiral structure

are the best!

According to Mike Emery @ Orgone Does Wonders: “THE BEST SHAPE FOR AN ORGONE DEVICE IS A SPHERE, or a DOME, or a cone because these shapes radiate in all directions and it is easy to feel the power coming off it. He also says, that if  we spin, or dance around such spherical devices with our good intentions for all, or for a particular animal like the bees, or a hurricane, or a volcano, etc. the spinning installs our good intentions as a memory, because the spin energy organizes information.


At Solid Air Sculpture, I fill my garden globes with many different crystals , metals, flowers, light and cast them into resin. Quartz is used a lot in my artwork, as it is very stable and gives off a piezo-electric charge when put under pressure (resin shrinks when it is cured, so constant pressure is put on the crystal). Due to the fact that the elements contained within the sculpture constantly attract and repel each other, a “scrubbing” action takes place. This cleans stagnant and negative energy and brings it back to a healthy, vibrant state.

It’s a fact that throughout history, various cultures from around the world have used the energy from crystals to heal aches and pains, ward off negativity, and promote positive thinking. Using stones in healing is still popular amongst holistic minded gardeners today, since they can be used not only for humans, but also to support new plantings and help reduce transplant shock. Different stones also represent the four different elements (earth, air, fire and water), adding extra balance and harmony to the garden. Therefore, when it comes creating a calming zone for you and your family, a  Zen, or woodland garden is a great way to

reduce stress, improve your focus, and develop a sense of well-being.

The result should encourage introspection, rest and meditation.


As mentioned before, if you believe in the ancient tradition of Feng Shui, or Geomancy in the Western language, which is all about creating harmony with the land and your immediate environment, than these particular instructions could be applied to attract more Good Luck, Reputation & Fame into your life. Place the following combination in the

Southern area of your garden!

  • flame-shaped,
  • pointy & triangular objects (pyramids)
  •  predominantly red & bright orange electrical lights (or candles/ lava lamps)
  • (also use pink, green, purple colours)
  •  Stones to be used are Jasper, Carnelians and Garnets

So, if you are into creating peace and serenity surrounded by wildflowers and soft-textured plants, a natural looking woodland setting might be just the thing for you! Here are some tips on how to create it:

  • Small Shrubs and Trees
    Azalea, Birch, Flowering dogwood, Holly, Hydrangea, Japanese maple, Magnolia
  • Perennials and Bulbs
    Anemone, Bleeding heart, Blue-eyed grass, Bloodroot, Calla lily, Campanula, Cast iron plant, Columbine, Coralberry, Elephant ear, Dutchman’s breeches, Ferns, Foamflower, Ginger, Goldenrod, Heuchera coral bells, Hosta, Mayapple, Phlox, Trillium, Tuberous begonia, Violet, Watsonia, Wood lily, Wild geranium


  • Ground Cover Plants
    Ajuga, Lily of the valley, Liriope, Moss, Vinca, Virginia creeper


A woodland design definitely provides a more relaxed and natural look to your landscape and is a real bonus, not just for song birds and wildlife, but also because many of the carefree plants that are used to make a woodland garden are relatively easy to maintain. Just top the ground off with some mulch, preferably using one that matches your natural woodlands, like pine needles, shredded leaves or bark.

For additional interest, you can add a birdbath, a bench, or other decorative features to your design. For example, large precious stones can be arranged into the shape of ornamental gazing balls, or pebbles, spheres, domes and pyramid statues, and can be placed throughout your garden.


Pyramids are amazing structures. They fall into categories such as Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, Health and Well-Being, Metaphysics, Physical and Etheric Environment, Consciousness and Spirituality.


Additionally, the pyramid shape acts like a lens that focuses the Earth’s magnetism, which also creates and amplifies energy. This energy is known to generate negative ions, which can help to reproduce and repair living cells. Pyramids are also known to neutralize geopathic stress and can make seeds and plants grow healthier!

The important thing to remember when creating a

Magical Woodland Garden

is that it is all about being playful. So just have fun, get creative, be silly and I guarantee you that the fairies will also appreciate (and reward) your efforts. Fairy gardens are becoming increasingly popular. For centuries, the world has been fascinated with the idea that the “wee folk” live among us and have the power to spread their magic and mischief throughout our homes and gardens. While evidence of the existence of fairies is slim, adding such elements to our own gardens is a way of participating in this centuries old tradition of trying to please the spirits and gain their favour.


Smaller gemstone crystal garden décor can be used in bird baths, fountains, or succulent container gardens

You can also use crystal chandeliers, or similar things hanging from tree limbs, overhangs, pergolas, etc., or they can be used to mark out trails or beds. Place them in a decorative pattern around or throughout your plot and create a shimmering border around the perimeter of your garden where the sun can hit them, casting patches of dancing light around the garden.

Butterflies will use the shiny reflective surface to help warm themselves and dry dew off their wings just as they use gazing balls.



Placing any of these extraordinary crystal sculptures amongst your flowers beds, or plants has the potential to instantly improve the overall appearance of your garden, so make sure your garden turns heads and choose gemstones with colour that complement their surroundings! Don’t hide the beauty of your crystal sculptures by tucking them underneath the plant or putting them in the ground. Instead display them on the surface next to the plant! The alternative is of course the placement of standard Orgonite pucks, spheres, domes, or eggs. See samples at:


Although green stones are most often used to represent the earth and in garden healing, you can use any stones that you feel a special connection to, or just like. If you need help with the decision making, Feng Shui suggests to display a collection of stones in the South East area of your garden that are green, purple and red such as Jade, Garnets, Carnelians, Amethysts, Agates, Iolite, Jet, Mica and Tiger eye – since they attract money and are good for general abundance and prosperity.


Essentially, the key to channelling the energy of crystals is choosing the right one for your garden’s needs. For example, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline and Sodalite add healing energies to sick plants. Jaspers are known to encourage new growth. Onyx and Obsidian are recommended for tomato plants. In fact, black stones like Onyx and Obsidian reportedly confuse and repel pests. Tree agate crystal is supposed to encourage abundance, so it’s ideal for gardeners who want their plants to look fuller. If plants appear weak, the energy from green calcite can help these plants relax and regain their strength. Citrine looks heavenly when it is nestled in a bed of yellow or white flowers, whereas malachite complements pink and purple flowers.


Citrine– In tones of yellow, gold and orange, citrine symbolizes the healing energies of the sun. Available as clusters, large or small singular pieces or chips, citrine adds a cheery, yellow accent to beds or containers. Citrine promotes happiness and dispels negativity and toxins.

Clear Quartz – Clear quartz crystals are the most common gemstones used in holistic healing. This stone is valued for its high vibrations of energy, and it also amplifies energy and emotions. In the garden, clear quartz stimulates growth and promotes healing. Quartz crystals are available in small or large pieces, and can be clustered or singular, rough or polished. Their clear to cloudy white glassy surface reflects sunlight, sometimes casting rainbow reflections. Quartz also reportedly helps tomato plants resist pests and disease, such as blight.

Moss Agate – Known as the gardener’s stone, moss agate is a light green coloured stone that is beautiful polished or not. Moss agate promotes a connection to the earth and has grounding energies. It also adds balance and promotes health and vitality in the garden. Available in large to very small pieces, moss agate generally has an average rock shape. Small polished moss agate pieces or chips make wonderful accents in cacti and succulent or fairy gardens.

Green Adventurine – Green adventurine can range in color from light green to dark green. All variations of the color are vibrant. Larger stones may display a mottle of different green tones, while smaller stones can differ greatly in color and make an interesting fill for container plants, bird or butterfly baths and fountains. It also provides a less expensive alternative to jade for Zen gardens or bonsai. Green aventurine absorbs negativity and calms stress.

Tree Agate – With beautiful streaks and blotches of deep greens, white and sometimes gold, tree agate is a beautiful, eye-catching stone for anywhere. In the garden, tree agate creates calming, harmonious energies that drown out negativity. Place tree agate in meditation, Zen, or mandala gardens.

Malachite – Another green stone, malachite represents fertility and abundance. Naturally, we want our gardens to be fertile and abundant. Malachite also promotes new growth and transformation. Like green aventurine, malachite has veins of different deep, shades of green. Large raw pieces make especially unique garden accents.

Moonstone – Like clear quartz, moonstone is a clear to cloudy white gemstone. As its name implies, moonstone is associated with the moon. They make excellent additions to moon gardens, especially when accentuated with landscape lighting. Moonstone promotes fertility and health. It also adds an energy of peace and relaxation.

Rhyolite – Rhyolite is a colorful gemstone with streaks and blotches of orange, gold, green, gray, brown and more. Different variations of rhyolite are found in different regions. In the garden, rhyolite adds energies of fortitude, perseverance and balance.

Tiger’s Eye – Generally in brown, gray with veins of gold, and white, the streaking pattern of tiger’s eye looks like wood and can have a reflective, holographic effect in bright light. Tiger’s eye promotes strong root growth, harmony and success in the garden.


When gardening with crystals for their healing properties, many gardeners choose to simply place the crystals (or Orgonite) at the base of the plant so the roots feel the energy emitted from the sparkling stone. But the stones can also be planted in the soil near or under the plant roots. Alternatively gardeners have the option of putting the crystal (or Orgonite) in a shallow hole within the dirt so it can make direct contact with the plant’s roots. Another way to transfer the energy of crystals into your garden is to place them in plant food. Let the crystals remain in the plant food for 24 hours. Then you can remove them and spread the plant food throughout your garden.

Sculptures made of Orgonite can also improve your plant’s health!







Conclusively, those who struggle to keep their garden alive will try almost anything to give their plants a healthy boost. You could blend up strange and smelly concoctions to feed your ailing plants, or you could try the less messy option of boosting plant energies by using the power of crystals in the garden. The choice is yours….


Most of our crystal sculptures come in an array of colours and shapes. They offer unique accents for your home & garden and can be made to order. Please note that commission time is currently about 4-6weeks.

I sell my work via:

Annett Banx







Energy Medicine: ‘John of God’ Blessed Crystal Pyramids

An exciting collaboration with a Crystal Treatment Centre in Norway has started in July 2018. It is based in the Unity Centre for integrated medicine and consciousness evolution in Oslo. The spiritual therapist Espen Vincent has arranged for me to integrate his powerful blessed ‘John of God’ gemstones into a Nubian/ Russian pyramid design and the results are spectacular…

João Teixeira de Faria, internationally known as John of God or #JoãodeDeus, is arguably the most powerful unconscious medium alive today and possibly the best- known healer of the past 2000 years. It is estimated that he has treated, either directly or indirectly, up to 15 million people during the past 40 years.

Naturally, I am extremely delighted to have the opportunity to work with his very pure Quartz #crystals that are used in his advanced #Chromotherapy – a light healing system designed by the Divine Light Beings that work through João. #Quantum #Resonance #Crystal #Sculptures.


The Sacred Prayer #triangle #symbol is also used in #JohnofGod‘s treatment practice as its sides represent Faith, Love and Charity. We have combined these 5 elements:

   Crystals, Lights, Gold, Flowers and the Triangle shape

to create #powerful and #uplifting objects that will energize & heal your home.

Dried Passion Flowers

Furthermore, the herbal supplements at the Casa de Dom Inacio are all composed of Passiflora incarnata (#PassionFlower) which is used in traditional remedies as a “#calming” herb. The name relates to the Passion of Christ rather than having romantic connotations. In South America, early Catholic missionaries used parts of the flower’s anatomy as symbols representative of Christ’s suffering and from there it entered into folklore.



I am now also integrating Passion Flowers into these new #pyramids. (as long as they are in season!) For interest in these beautiful designs go to: HealingCrystals


I’ve come to work with minerals, because they are powerful amplifiers of etheric energy. Many of the stones I use are brilliant for counter-acting the effects of mobile phones, computers, microwaves, electrical equipment and televisions that surrounded us all day, and which can make us feel tired, irritable, nervous and strained~ Annett Banx ~

If placed strategically around the house, these crystal devices can create a powerful grid for alignment, which stimulates the circulation of positive life-force energy called Chi. Additionally, the pyramid shape acts like a lens that focuses the Earth’s magnetism, which also creates and amplifies energy.

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To reserve your own sculpture contact: Vincent Espen –

  • Unity Senter for integrert medisin og økt bevissthet
  • Rom 310
  • Møllergata 23
  • 0179 Oslo

Small       10 x 17 cm   Kr. 1.990 –  £ 186
Medium  12 x 19 cm   Kr. 2.490 –  £ 232
Large       14 x 24 cm   Kr. 2.990 –  £ 280
XL             20 x 30 cm   Kr. 3.990  –  £ 372

New designs and different sizes are planned for late July/ early August 2018. They will be a bit more colourful and filled with Turquoise, Amazonite, Sodalite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Aventurine, Carnelian, Onyx, Agates, Chrysocolla and others.





De-stress in therapeutic Designer Garden in Whitstable

From wandering around a peaceful garden and catching up with a friend over a slice of cake, to reconnecting with nature and finding inspiration – garden visiting offers the perfect opportunity to escape from a busy life. Spending an hour or two wandering around a truly beautiful meditative garden that has been lovingly cultivated by its owners is incredibly restorative and rivals any other act of self-care that is commonly promoted.


In June 2018 we at Solid Air Sculpture had the opportunity to take part in an eclectic Open Arts & Crafts Garden charity event in Whitstable, Kent. The residents of the venue certainly made the most of their quirky plot, while enjoying the mild climate and the range of plants they can grow. This particular fabulous seaside home was built for an impresario and featured a wide variety of trees, shrubs and perennials. Crystal garden sculptures designed by Annett Banx were displayed, which created a lovely energy.


The artist introduced her unique designs to the over 800 people or so who came and experienced first hand how gardens can positively impact people’s health & wellbeing. Her work was extremely well received and showed the joy and therapy gardening can provide for people in need.

85% say garden visiting is good for the soul!

New research conducted by the National Garden Scheme has revealed that visiting a private garden is good for the soul. Over 85% of our supporters report that being in a National Garden Scheme garden has a positive impact on their mental wellbeing and 8 out of 10 (80%) feel happier after visiting than before. Visiting a National Garden Scheme garden can be a calming experience (67%) and an enjoyable way to spend time with loved ones (64%). And around half say it aids creativity (53%), gives you that feel-good factor because you’re donating to charity (52%), and three quarters say it helps you learn about plants, flowers and gardening (77%).   


Crystal Pyramids at the Open Garden Day

The National Garden Scheme isn’t just about opening beautiful gardens for charity – they are passionate about the physical and mental health benefits of gardens and gardening. Visiting a National Garden Scheme garden might be just the thing people think of when they’re looking to de-stress.  With luxury crystal pyramids and Orgonites around who focus the Earth’s magnetism and magnify energy, you can generate negative ions and harmonize living spaces, as well as repair cells of any living organisms. By using these metaphysical tools, they can support people’s wellbeing while simultaneously contributing to lush and healthy plant growth.


Annett is currently preparing for her own Open Garden, working on a new organic range of crystal sculptures, which will be used in an exhibition on Sunday, 19th May 2019 at next year’s NGS Open Garden Scheme.  For a preview visit the links below:


more than just scenic


The National Garden Scheme gave £296,000 of the total £3.1 million charitable donations in 2018 to gardens and health-related projects. This year’s garden and health beneficiaries include Leonard Cheshire, who are developing horticultural volunteering projects and two sensory gardens for adults with disabilities in Bedfordshire and Western-super-Mare; Horatio’s Garden, who are due to open two new accessible gardens in NHS regional spinal injury centres in Stoke Mandeville and Oswestry; and Maggie’s, who are building two therapeutic gardens in its upcoming centres, in the grounds of specialist NHS cancer hospitals in Swansea and Leeds.

For commissions, or interest in Annett’s work call 07919505206, or email:

Gallery Representation at ArtParkS International Guernsey






It is with great pleasure that I can announce a new collaboration working with the online sculpture gallery This new venture started in May 2018 and I am very excited to be part of it. The Ethos of ArtParks is to create a chance for a wider cross section of quality sculptures, to be exposed to as many interested people as possible, in suitable surroundings. They have sculptures for the garden, sculpture for the Town Square, sculpture for the office, sculpture for healing help in the hospital, sculpture for schools, commemorative sculpture, sculpture for the interior and sculpture for architectural embellishment. The Art Park in the grounds of Sausmarez Manor on Guernsey puts on annual exhibitions and is also part of the National Sculpture Festival, which takes place there and at one, or two other venues in Britain. To view all of my available work visit:


Celebrating my first year of Solid Air Pyramid Sculptures

I’ve opened my Etsy shop in August 2017, but started creating these unique, illuminated crystal pyramids in April 17. I have since sold over 60 sculptures, which went to various international places:

  • to 6 different counties in the UK
  •  to 7 different states in the USA
  • 2 pieces went to Greece.
  • 3 to Spain
  • 1 to Poland
  • 1 to Austria
  • 1 to Singapore
  • 1 to Croatia-  – and there is one in Romania too!

I have now moved all my decorative sculptures to the online gallery: where you’ll find all available work. I am also currently in the process of collaborating with a crystal healing centre in Oslo, Norway.

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Crystal Pyramid in new West London Restaurant


#TheGojk is a new European Fusion #Restaurant #Lounge in West #London that focuses on sourcing the #best quality seasonal produce available applying the most modern conservation, cooking and regeneration techniques. I am delighted that one of my crystal pyramids graces their bar area. Go and experience it! @ 275 Old Brompton Road London, Earls Court, SW5 9JA. To book a table call: 020 73731384


Kindred Spirit Article

kindredspiritkindred spirit

Fascinating Crystal gifts for Children with Autism, ADHD and Indigos

Related imageI am currently working on preparing a new range of ‘fascinators’, i.e. curious spherical sculptures filled with crystals that may help ease the symptoms of Autism, ADD and ADHD linked to Indigos, Crystals, Blue rays, Rainbow children, etc. The idea is that the colourful & magical worlds inside the sculptures fascinates them and keeps their interest.They will also get excitement out of the sculpture’s tactile & shiny quality they can interact with; and finally the crystals embedded in the artwork will calm them right down and provide relief them from various stresses.


Sensory Orbs

The stones I am going to use are:

1. Light and medium blue crystals – like Angelite, Sugalite, Kyanite, Celestite, Sodalite,Turquoise, Amazonite, Charoite and Blue Lace Agate. Light blue is the colour of the throat chakra and for many on the spectrum communicating with others is a huge struggle. Light blue stones may help to calm anxiety around communication difficulties, or even assist with communication capabilities.

2. Green crystals – like Green Calcite, Emerald, Malachite and Aventurine. Green is a very healing and grounding colour and many green stones have healing properties that may help with creating a feeling of calm

3. Hematoid Quartz – Image result for •Hematoid Quartz
is great for clearing energies and particularly good for those on the spectrum who find themselves feeling very foggy or confused. It enhances focus and concentration, especially helpful for those with ADD and ADHD. It brings a unique clarity and understanding, assists when Self Worth and Self Esteem are lacking, to calm anxieties, panic and/or hysteria, removing negativity but also transforming and transmuting negative energy into a positive and pure Universal light of love, highly energetic, balances the body, mind and spirit.

4. Amethyst – a beautiful purple stone which can help to connect you spiritually as well as being a calming and peaceful stones.

5. Grounding stones – like Obsidian, Smoky Quartz, Apache Tears, Black Tourmaline and any other dark coloured stones. People on the autistic spectrum are usually very much in their heads and grounding stones can be useful in helping them to get their feet on the ground and connect with the earth.

Reference taken from:…/crystals-for-the-autism-spect…

Crystals for Autism


The artist Annett Banx is available for commissions. For other crystal sculptures see:

Canterbury Tales Christmas Artisan Gift Fair December 2017

crystal ball

A special Christmas fair, displaying the wares of local artisans, particularly celebrating crafts which hail from the medieval period and including various demonstrations so you can learn how incredible artisans have practiced these crafts through the ages.

Open 10am-5pm, Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd December 2017.

The Canterbury Tales Visitor Attraction
St Margaret’s Street,
Canterbury, Kent CT1 2TG
Tel: 01227 696002


at Canterbury Tales


Canterbury Mystical Market

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At the #Canterbury #MysticalMarket New Age Fair on 30th September 2017 from 11:00–16:00 at The #WestgateHall, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 2BT.

Mystical Market