Feng Shui, or Geomancy in the Western language, is all about creating harmony with the land and our immediate environment. This ancient tradition suggests that if one wants to bring more Good Luck into one’s life, it is recommended to place:

  • flame-shaped, 
  • pointy & triangular objects (pyramids)
  • and predominantly red & bright orange lights
  • (also pink, green, purple colours)
  • as well as items such as candles, or lava lamps
  • and electrical appliances in the Southern area of your home, or office.

Stones to be used are Jasper, Carnelians and Garnets. If you are after Abundance and Prosperity good stones to display as a collection in the South East area of your home are green, purple and red crystals such as Jade, Garnets, Carnelians, Amethysts, Agates, Iolite, Jet, Mica and Tiger eye – as they attract money!


Furthermore, the pyramid shape acts like a lens and focuses the Earth’s magnetism, creating and amplifying a strong energetic force. This energy is known to generate negative ions, which help to reproduce and repair living cells and brings with it feelings of positivity and a sense of well being.


feng shui chart




For the past ten thousand years, we have lived in an angular, masculine dominated world. Now change is happening and the feminine energy is once again coming back to help us rebalance and rebuild all structures to be curved and rounded.

Relationships and Love

(Southwest) PINK, but also RED/ ORANGE/ PURPLE/ YELLOW
ROUND, OVAL & HEART ♥ shapes

Golden Yellow creates warmth.

DSC05500In interior decoration, a soft warm colour based on yellow, or orange is used where activity is to take place and works very well in dinning rooms, lounges, studies and offices, since this colour stimulates conversation, digestion and a harmonious family atmosphere.

PALE YELLOW – improves communication, aids digestion and enhances attention span. It calms and stills the mind, reduces nervousness and is good for concentration. Orange is comforting, warming and good for making new friends.

calms emotions, balances the mind and also harmonizes thoughts and is good for grounding.

WHITE – raises awareness and is good for healing.

PURPLE & VIOLET – are good for mental functions, uplifting, increase self-worth, can heal mental illness and cleanses arteries.


To unblock cash flow

(North) BLACK/BLUE and WHITE SINUOUS, CURVY, irregular, free-flow, ROUNDED Water

BLUE – Sky Blue reduces nervousness, is calming, comforting, and soothing. Ice Blue removes physical pain and anxiety. BLUE artwork with CURVY, FREE-FLOWING, ROUNDED, SINUOUS forms placed in the North of your space can UNBLOCK CASH-FLOW and furthers ones career – placed in the North-West of your home/ room it will bring clarity and wisdom.

Light blue is the colour of the throat chakra and for many on the spectrum communicating with others is a huge struggle. Light blue stones may help to calm anxiety around communication difficulties, or even assist with communication capabilities. Green is a very healing and grounding colour and many green stones have healing properties that may help with creating a feeling of calm.

GREEN – Fresh Green is energizing, uplifting, healing and good for breathing.



Sensory Orbs


Colourful crystal sculptures also make fascinating Sensory Gifts for people diagnosed with Autism/ ADHD: Calming Meditation Orbs – Indigo & Crystal Children . The idea is that the colourful and magical worlds inside the sculptures fascinate a person diagnosed with Autism spectrum and keeps their interest. The crystals embedded in the artwork are known to enhance focus and concentration and are thus especially helpful for those with ADHD, as they will calm them right down and provide relief them from various stresses. They can be filled with a range of metals, natural materials and powerful crystals, such as: Angelite, Sugalite, Kyanite, Celestite, Sodalite, Turquoise, Amazonite, Charoite, Blue Lace Agate, Green Calcite, Emerald, Malachite, Aventurine, Hematoid/ Clear & Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Obsidian, Apache Tears, Black Tourmaline



Fish for Fortune, Love & Happiness



According to Feng Shui, aquariums, or sculptures of goldfish are a potent cure to attract the energy of wealth, abundance, good fortune and happiness. Placed correctly an aquarium/ or fish sculpture will amplify the energy in any home or office and attract more wealth Chi. It is also believed that when they are teamed up as a pair, they signify long-lasting, joyful relationships, love and success. They are also represented in interior and bathroom design and live fish used in landscape design, as they incorporate a powerful energetic life force. They are a perfect metaphor for the transmutation of stagnant negative energy into positive, flowing energy.



Placement of Fish tanks

The best place for displaying images of Goldfish is the SOUTH-EAST area (the Wealth and Abundance area). This area is governed mainly by the colour green, but also by red, purple, black, blue and gold.

 Followed by the NORTH and NORTH-WEST area (Career), or EASTern area (Health and Family.) The theory is, that it will most likely enhance the abundance and prosperity in your life. Aquariums, are auspicious because they bring a harmonious combination of several wealth attracting feng shui factors, as well as a perfect balance of all 5 elements:






  1. Water (resin)
  2. Wood (plants, flowers)
  3. Metal (parts integrated in sea bed)
  4. Fire  (the bright colours of the fish)
  5. Earth (small crystal rocks, sand & gravel)

 Make sure however, to never place an aquarium in your bedroom, as this brings unwanted feng shui energies to this area.

fish tank