I am an artist and create energizing indoor crystal sculptures, but also garden pyramids and spheres that promote vibrant plant health and support nature & wildlife!


Pyramids are amazing structures. They fall into categories such as Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, Health and Well-Being, Metaphysics, Physical and Etheric Environment, Consciousness and Spirituality.

iPyramids-Coffee-Pot-Install-39If placed strategically around the house and garden, crystals and geodes create a powerful grid for alignment, which stimulates the circulation of life-force energy called Chi.



Additionally, the pyramid shape acts like a lens that focuses the Earth’s magnetism, which also creates and amplifies energy. This energy is known to generate negative ions, which can help to reproduce and repair living cells. Pyramids are also known to neutralize geopathic stress and can make seeds and plants grow healthier!

The sculptures I make are variations of ‘Orgonite’ – meaning they do contain powerful crystals, different metals (often Gold) and resin, but also many other natural and decorative elements.


The result allows for permanent transmutation of stagnant negative energy into positive, flowing energy. At the moment I am using clear artist’s quality resin, but my aim is to switch to an entirely natural, organic resin in the near future.

A selection of small crystal pyramids is available via my Etsy page:




My large outdoor sculptures are for sale via http://annett-banx.artparks.co.uk, but others can be purchased via www.krystallsengbehandling.no/orgone-krystall-pyramider. Alternatively contact me directly at tel. 07919505206, or email: annielbanx@gmail.com for commissions.

My Garden

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