Hi! My name is Annett*. I’ve been a professional painter for the past 10 years  ( and received my BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art from the University of Brighton in 2007. I am interested in contributing to a high frequency experience on Earth and create uplifting, metaphysical sculptures that capture the beauty of nature. They are resin-cast and made with various decorative items such as flowers, crystals, rocks, metals and recycled materials. My aim for them is to impact people, plants, animals and the environment in a positive way.  I am based in Whitstable, a small town on the North Kent coast in the South East of England and sell my work via Etsy…

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How to Cleanse your Crystal Sculptures


All crystals embedded in my artwork have been cleaned and are charged with the stunning sound frequencies of light provided by the spiritual teacher Alaje.

Energetic cleansing of your artwork is necessary, as it is likely that the crystals in it absorb vibrations not only from you, but from anything in the environment where it is located. The most potent way to cleanse it is by smudging (smoke) it with either white Sage, Jasmin, or Frankincense in particular. You can also place the piece in direct sunlight for about 1/2 hour at the time (once a month) to avoid fading of the colours. Alternatively you can use a subtle energy healing technique, such as Reiki and White Light – just close your eyes and say: ‘I ask that these crystals be cleansed and blessed and restored to their natural glory, so that they may

release their subtle energies for the greater good of all’.