Chelsea Flower Show by Sea – Whitstable Open Gardens 2018

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In June 2018 crystal pyramid designer Annett Banx of Solid Air Sculpture took part in an eclectic Open Arts & Crafts Garden charity event. This fabulous seaside home was built for an impresario with the surrounding garden featuring a wide variety of trees, shrubs and perennials.   

Clearly, the residents of Whitstable in Kent were making the most of their quirky plots, while enjoying the mild climate and the range of plants they can grow. The artist introduced her sculptures to the 1000 people or so, who came to visit this beautiful place for NGS and experienced first hand how gardens can positively impact people’s health & wellbeing. Her work was extremely well received and showed the joy and therapy gardening can provide for people in need for a bit of uplifting energy.



If placed strategically around the house and garden, crystals can create a powerful grid for alignment, which stimulates the circulation of life-force energy called Chi.

Additionally, the pyramid shape acts like a lens that focuses the Earth’s magnetism, which also creates and amplifies energy. This effect generates negative ions, which is known to harmonize living spaces and repair cells. By combining these two metaphysical principles, these decorative devices aim to support people’s wellbeing while simultaneously contributing to lush plant growth.


The artist is currently working on a new outdoor sculpture range, which features large solar-powered crystal pyramids. For commissions, or interest in her work call 07919505206, or email:


She is now also considering producing a set of six smaller pyramid sculptures measuring approximately 12 x 12 x 12cm. They would be available for a fixed price of £ 600 and  contain powerful semi-precious crystals, different metals (often Gold) and clear casting resin, but also many natural and decorative elements.

Crystal Pyramids at the Open Garden Day

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